2 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is in full swing. Everyone is scrambling to find a way to avoid getting the dreaded flu bug. Currently, 24 states and New York City have reported very high levels of activity in regards to the influenza virus. The CDC keeps weekly records of recorded cases of the seasonal influenza, and offers many suggestions on how to keep you and your family health.

Aside from getting the flu shot, there are also ways that you can strengthen your immune system. This could be by maintaining ideal body weight, keeping stress levels down, and eating plenty of fruits and veggies. Water is also a good way to build a stronger system

Generation Unhealthy

More than 50% of the population in 39 US states will be obese by 2030.  Not a statistic we should be proud of.

Currently 66% of Americans are considered overweight, while 36% are obese.  These numbers indicate a grim future for Americans, young and old.

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