Celebrate Water Quality Month this August

Are you aware that August is Water Quality Month?  August is the time of year when many people are enjoying recreational activities involving water.  But these bodies of water are threatened by increasing water pollution.  The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 but most people are unaware of the little ways they can pollute their water.

This month is a great month to start protecting our water supply.  A number of ways include:

  1. Don’t flush unwanted or expired medications down the drain.  Pharmaceuticals are harmful to the water supply.
  2. Don’t use antibacterial soaps.  Regular soap and water will do the trick.  Much of the antibacterial soaps contain a registered pesticide that is known to harm marine life.
  3. Avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  They pollute the ground water.
  4. Don’t dump anything down storm drains as they carry water to local waterways.
  5. Pick up after your pets.  Their waste can run into storm drains.
  6. If you have a private well make sure it is tested and cleaned regularly.  There can be bacteria buildup in wells. 
  7. Read your local water quality report so you know what the water quality is in your area. 

Helping protect our water supply not only makes summer activities safer but also protects our National Parks and ultimately your drinking water. 

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