Fracking and Its Many Issues

What is fracking?  Fracking is an extremely water-intensive process where millions of gallons of fluid – typically a mix of water, sand, and chemicals, including ones known to cause cancer – are injected underground at high pressure to fracture the rock surrounding an oil or gas well. This fracking releases extra oil and/or gas from the rock, so it can flow into the well.

The process of fracking has caused high amounts of pollution in the air and ground water in the surrounding areas.  There are also many unknown long-term effects on the environment which has many people worried for the future.  Currently over 250 communities have banned fracking, along with the state of Vermont, France, and Bulgaria have also banned the process.

Fire frack

In Southeastern Illinois a site has been found for potential fracking to take place, but plans are still on hold until congress decides on the laws being pass through both houses.  This site has the potential to bring 7,000-49,000 much needed jobs to the state.  But at what cost? 

This is a topic that is not slowly going away and will be hotly debated as long as states keep allowing these companies to drill on their land.  Drinking water and air quality will be affected.

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