How Important is Water for Your Body, Really?

     You’ve heard that up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water. Water is the only substance that possesses such unique properties that it is the most significant resource for the human body. But what exactly are its functions?

     While each organ varies in its need for water, it’s essential that each person consumes a minimum amount of water everyday for vital functions in the body to run their course. In general, men need approximately three liters a day and women need about two liters a day. This number can vary in body weight, age, and location. In addition, your body gets much of its water from the food you consume.

     Water aides in almost all bodily functions, from digestion, to sweating, to urination. It is the molecule that allows cells to replenish themselves, especially after a hit to the immune system. Because it possesses a high heat capacity, it makes it very hard for the body to change temperatures quickly or drastically in different environments. In cool environments, it helps to maintain the body’s warm temperature for as long as possible. In warmer environments, when the body’s temperature begins to overheat, water helps release this heat by sweating. Then, when evaporation of the sweat from the skin’s surface kicks in, it cools down the body. So, water also regulates body temperature, which should be kept at about 37°C.  

     In addition, through hydrolysis reactions, water helps break down proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids from the food we consume to be metabolised and transported throughout the body. Through cellular respiration it helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body with the help of blood vessels. More importantly, the brain, the fundamental organ of the human body, would be a useless organ if not for water, which helps make the neurotransmitters and hormones that are crucial for survival.

     Though there is simply not enough space in this blog to detail all of the roles water plays in the body, these are just a few reasons why drinking enough water everyday helps maintain your body’s systems and an overall healthy lifestyle.  

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