Is Chennai's Water Shortage A Glimpse Into Our Future?

As our planet continues to increase its temperature, a lack of water will become a very real, and imminent, concern. This past week, Chennai, India has come to face this issue as the city has run out of its water supply. While heat waves and drought have always been a problem for India, the severity of this problem is much graver now than in previous years.

The city faces the issue of finding a solution to the water shortage, and fast. While citizens use water for a number of everyday activities, its most important use serves as drinking water. Generally, a human can only survive for 3 days without water, but this issue is taking a longer amount of time to fix, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. Additionally, restaurants and hotels have had to close temporarily due to lack of water, taking a toll on their economy.

In the past, citizens relied on groundwater for these droughts, but now that it’s been dried up, no one knows what to do. Currently, two of the best ideas are drilling new boreholes and waiting for it to rain. So, residents are looking to their government to provide drinking water. However, while the water department has begun to distribute water to some areas, it’s hardly enough. With fights breaking out for access to water, this could be the beginning rumblings of largely anticipated water wars that will gradually spread throughout the world as clean water becomes a more precious resource.

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