Sparkling Water IS Just as Hydrating as Still Water

With summer’s heat in full force, it’s very important to stay hydrated. But for those of you who love the bubbles and tasty flavors in your water, you might be wondering if sparkling water is as hydrating as still water. We’re here to tell you to keep enjoying your carbonation because the answer is a resounding yes. But why?

The difference between sparkling water and still water is that sparkling contains added carbon dioxide. Though these gas (CO2) molecules take up some space in the overall water (H2O) molecules, the majority and base ingredient of the product is the same as in still water – H2O molecules. So, the consumption of sparkling water doesn’t really affect the body or how hydrated you are – they’re “in theory” equally hydrating. The CO2 molecules separate from the H2O molecules in your stomach and are later expelled.

What may lead some people to think that they aren’t as hydrated with sparkling water is due to the gas particles. Some may enjoy the bubbles and flavors added to their water and feel inclined to consume more. For others, though, the carbonation in the water tends to fill them up quicker than still water, leaving them feeling bloated and less likely to drink more – the real culprit behind the perception of a difference in hydration.

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