Stella Artois and Help Provide Clean Water in Developing Countries

     Over half a billion people in the world do not have access to clean water. is a non-profit working to help with water sanitization issues in developing countries.  They have partnered with beer manufacturer Stella Artois to provide access to clean water in these countries with their “Buy A Lady A Drink” Campaign.  


Stella Artois is selling their Chalices on Amazon for $13 each and $6.25 of the proceeds go to providing clean water in that country.  They are currently selling Chalices for Uganda, Brazil, and Cambodia

    The reason the campaign is called “Buy A Lady A Drink” is because women in these countries are often in charge of collecting water for their families.  Many travel miles to collect water, pay large costs and often the water is tainted, causing illness.  Access to clean water will take away the hours that women spend collecting water and give them more time for education.  Another result is the improvement of health:  carrying large jugs can cause injury and improved hygiene from having access to clean water.

     WaterAmericacharity: water and are all vetted water non-profits to consider sending a donation.  

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