Top 3 Reasons To Go Bottleless

These new water coolers are known by many names - Filtered Water Dispensers, Bottle-free Water Coolers, or even Plumbed-In Coolers.  In the U.K. they are called Mains-Fed Water Coolers as they are connected directly from the water “mains”.

Whatever the name, they can be a great way to help the environment and your health at the same time.

Start the Top 3 Countdown …

1.  Save Money – Instead of paying for your water by the bottle, you connect your new Bottleless Water Cooler to a tap water supply and ‘voila’, you not only have an endless source of water – you’ve also rid the planet of all those plastic water bottles.  That also means you have no more storage or lifting of heavy bulky water bottles, no delivery hassles or security issues with offsite personnel inside your facilities.  Your world just got a whole lot easier.

Your bottled water vendor may be disappointed when they arrive to pick up their old-fashioned bottled water cooler. The decline in business for delivered 5-gallon bottled water has been dramatic in recent years and virtually all the major bottled water brands of 5-gallon bottled water – including Poland Spring, Sparkletts, and Arrowhead – now offer bottleless water coolers.  

There’s just one catch – as long as you’re buying those bulky 5-gallon water bottles, they’re not going to tell you they have a more cost-effective and convenient alternative.

2.  Help the Planet – There are many environmentally wasteful business models, but bottled water is hard to beat.  Multinational corporations buy up aquifers in pristine natural settings, and truck out semitrailers filled with natural groundwater every hour.  Then the water is packaged into containers that are labeled “recyclable” – but in reality only 10% are ever recycled. 

Americans buy nearly 30 billion single serve bottles of water each year.   That’s right, every year.  With just 10% recycled, that leaves 27 billion bottles ending up in our landfills … every year.

First, consider the petroleum used to make the plastic for the 30 billion bottles (17 million barrels of oil, enough to power 700,000 vehicles each year).  Second, add in the wasted petroleum to truck the water bottles across the country. 

You’d think it would end there, but it doesn’t.  The final chapter in this wasteful cycle is you, the consumer, who drives to the store to load these heavy bottles into the trunk of your car, and then haul them home.  And then dump the empty water bottles into the trash.  What are we thinking?

For a thorough understanding of the environmental effects of the bottled water industry, check out the National Resource Defense Council (led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) website at

3.  Improve Your Health – Yes, we already know that our body is comprised mostly of water – about 55-60% of our body weight is water.  But what you may not realize is how critical water is to your overall health.  Water transports nutrients throughout your body, helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in your system, and perhaps most important, water regulates your body temperature.   

Did you know that you're losing water every hour of every day?  The average adult loses 2.5 quarts of water each day – without exercise.   And if you drink coffee, the diuretic effect will deplete even more water out of your body.

The food we eat contains water – fruit is especially high in water content.   But even with other sources, medical professionals agree that you should hydrate your body with six 8 oz. glasses of water each day (1.5 quarts of drinking water).

Almost all tap water in the USA contains chlorine, and drinking 1.5 quarts of chlorinated tap water does not sound very refreshing.  Here’s where a high quality water filtration system or drinking water appliance comes in, refreshing you with clean, cool, filtered drinking water. 

Investing in a quality water filter is an investment in your health.  There are plenty of choices available – a wide range of prices from a simple faucet filter to a whole house system (also known as Point-of-Use or POU water system). 

Now that you have 3 good reasons to go bottle-free, it’s up to you to make a difference.  By unbottling your life, you’ll (1) help the planet … (2) improve your health … and (3) save money all at the same time.  It's a win-win-win.

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