About Natural Choice Corporation

Natural Choice Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of drinking water appliances, bottleless water coolers, and filtration equipment.

Every day, the people at Natural Choice continue to build upon our world-class reputation for high-quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

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James B. Knoll started the company in 1990, building water coolers out of wood and cardboard in a small garage.

The garage is where we learned that reservoir tanks of filtered water (without chlorine) can become stagnant and grow algae. That led to the breakthrough of InstaChill, our Sealed Water Pathway, and a patented design that ensures every glass is freshly filtered and instantly chilled.



We found a perfect location for the first factory. Then tragedy struck when our founder, James B. Knoll died suddenly. His younger son, George, shared his dream and carried on after his father’s passing.

The company grew steadily and we kept learning and refining our bottleless water cooler designs and building a great track record of customer service and quality. George’s wife and mother also joined the company and pushed things to the next level.





We began work on a revolutionary new concept for a filtered countertop bottleless water cooler. Everything would be custom designed for the ultimate drinking water appliance. Sure it was bottleless, but the ION would be much more. Better cooling capacity, sparkling water option… even the filtration system would fit perfectly in the front and change easily without any need for tools.



After several prototypes, the ION was released for production. The last few years have been filled with innovation, patents, and awards.




Our mission continues to be about providing a superior alternative to bottled water coolers and drinking fountains. We aim to fundamentally change the way people view water quality.

Our goal is to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of drinking water appliances, bottleless water coolers, and filtration equipment. We believe we’ll achieve this by focusing on the customer's needs and using appropriate technologies to develop simple, affordable solutions.

These are the principles that have inspired the creation of the ION Drinking Water appliance and will continue to drive all future innovation at Natural Choice.