ION Hygiene Tips

We want to make sure you are well informed about the unique features of the ION Water Cooler. People may have concerns about transmission of the virus at the faucet or other surfaces in contact with hands, such as the Touch Display. Below, you will find information and steps that can be taken, in the same way that items such as microwaves and printers are handled (i.e. more frequent cleaning).

Sanitizing Kits are available through Natural Choice. Please download our Technical Service Bulletin for more information.

Please contact us if you have questions related to the ION and the below information.

ION Appliance Hygiene Tips

Water Supply

Important —COVID-19 is not transmitted through your drinking water supply. However, customers may be concerned about transmission at the faucet or other surfaces such as the Touch Display.

Sealed Water Pathway

The ION is designed with a Sealed Water Pathway. Unlike other water coolers, air never comes in contact with the drinking water until the moment it is dispensed into your cup.

Cleaning Surfaces

The ION can easily be wiped down with soap and water to prevent the spread of germs. Practicing good hand hygiene before and after using the ION is recommended.

Important —If cleaning the Touch Screen on the ION TS Series, turn electric power off. Use only a damp cloth with mild soap and water - NO chemical cleaners or alcohol. Dry thoroughly before reconnecting electric power.

Removable Faucet It is easy to remove and clean/replace the faucet with no tools required. Providing a new and/or spare faucet may be a good idea to address concerns—order direct from Natural Choice at 815-874-4444 with your model number ready.

Models with Hot Water A useful feature of the ION is that hot water dispenses from the top port of the faucet and rinses through the entire faucet. Periodically dispensing hot water will help sanitize the faucet.

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