• ION Fits Everywhere

    ION Fits Everywhere

  • Corporate & Property Management

    Leading corporations around the world are using ION's across their facilities. A versatile model line-up allows you to specify high-capacity ION cold-only coolers in high traffic locations, and upscale ION Sparkling Water coolers in executive and conference areas.If you have thousands of facilities, join the many corporations that are specifying ION Water Coolers and refreshing everyone with the world's finest drinking water.

  • Hotel & Resort

    We handle them all…from a local B&B to the largest hotel chains in the world.

    ION works great in multiple locations to serve employees or guests. If you have a "free" Breakfast Bar", why not encourage lower cost drinking water.

    Or place an ION in the workout room and never drag another 40 pound bottle down the hallway again (or get a complaint from a guest that the bottle is empty).

    Perfect for Golf and Tennis Clubs — place an ION in the locker rooms and get rave reviews from your members. Send us an email and make the change to ION today!
    Your facility deserves the best.

  • Food Service

    It's really simple. If you operate a restaurant or cafeteria, you need an ION. No other water dispenser can produce as much Cold Water to meet peak demand periods.

    And when kitchens are hot and space is tight, you can get rid of the bottles, the deliveries, and the headaches of bottled water. Install an ION and keep everyone refreshed.

    Don't forget about your guests. They can enjoy the Sparkling water option, with lemons and limes. Perfect for stadium box locations, convention centers, and executive meeting rooms.

  • Hospital & Clinics

    Healthcare facilities handle thousands of people every day — in lobbies, waiting rooms, and staff areas. And all of them need a source of clean drinking water. The ION is the answer for clean, filtered drinking water.

    Let's face it — drinking fountains are no longer trusted as a source for clean water. Do you want your hands and mouth touching that dirty spigot?

    ION gives you a clean source for drinking water by recessing the faucet where hands and mouths can't reach. And every time hot water is dispensed, it sanitizes the entire faucet.

  • Fitness & Country Club

    ION is perfect for Country Clubs and fitness facilities…in locker rooms, pro shops, and staff areas.

    Show your membership that you're committed to hydration with the ultimate Hydration Station.

    ION vs. Bottle Fillers

    If you're considering a Bottle Filler from HAWS or ELKAY, consider that the ION can replace a drinking fountain for less than half the price, and without the considerable expense of wall mounted construction and retrofit.

  • Education

    Are you a School or University on a fixed price meal plan? Why not encourage students to:

    • Tank up on lower cost water (vs. soft drinks)
    • Improve their health (vs. sugary drinks)
    • Reduce waste at the local landfills (no disposable bottles)

    That's right. ION is a "win, win, win."

  • Residential

    Tired of dragging heavy bottles home from the store? Loading and unloading case after case, week after week, you'll be glad to know there's a better way.

    An ION Water Cooler in your home or condominium allows you and your family an unlimited supply of clean, refreshing drinking water.

    Everyone gets their own refillable bottles and stays hydrated all day long.