ION Water Cooler Sparkling Accessories

With ION’s patented sparkling water system, cool, crisp hydration is just steps away. To get those delicious bubbles from your ION Bottleless Water Cooler, you’ll need to connect a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Tank, and a Regulator.

CO2 Tanks

  • 5 lb. CO2 Aluminum Tank
    Carbonates up to 1500—8 oz. Glasses
    5" diameter × 18" high Weight 9lbs
  • 10 lb. CO2 Aluminum Tank
    Carbonates up to 3000—8 oz. Glasses
    7" diameter × 21" high Weight 16lbs

  • SodaPro Tank

Carbonates up to 250—8 oz. Glasses

Fits inside ION Water Cooler

CO2 Regulator

Includes Wrench and Pressure Gauge.

Booster Water Pump

  • 120 VAC pump included with all Models 300 & 400
  • Pump can be purchased separately to be added inside of Models 100 & 200 for situations with low water pressure.