Water Conservation Tips

As you may or may not know, April is water conservation awareness month.  As experts in the water industry, we know that individual users’ awareness of conserving water can greatly reduce the number of gallons of water that are wasted in the United States each and every day.

The Quality of WI’s Groundwater

If you live in rural Wisconsin, chances are good that the water you drink every day comes from a well.  In fact, according to the WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there are over 850,000 private wells providing drinking water to people across the state.  However, having a private well means that the responsibility of taking care of the water resource falls to the private homeowners.  As such, it is absolutely crucial that homeowners with private wells take an active interest in protecting the quality of their well water.

The City of Madison Water Challenge 2012

During the month of April, in the spirit of National Water Conservation Month, Madison participated in the Wyland Foundation’s National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation.  The conservation challenge was a competition between regional cities to see how many citizens and which city could commit to cutting back on water usage the most.

Ban the Bottle: Why You Should Be On Board

As more and more people are educating themselves on the environmental impact of bottled water, “banning the bottle” continues to spread like wildfire.

According to their website, BantheBottle.net is an organization that (1) advocates banning one-time-use plastic bottles, (2) eliminates unneeded waste in landfills, and (3) focuses on improving hydration for children and adults.

6 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Water

In our recent blog post titled “3 Ways Water Does Your Body Good,” we looked at why it’s so important to drink enough water every day.  But as you may already know from personal experience, it can be difficult to drink 8 full glasses of water daily.

A great place to start is dumping your old-fashioned bottled water cooler and getting a new bottleless or filtered water cooler.  Equipped with water filters and cold and hot water options, a fresh new water dispenser is the perfect way to spice up your new hydration habit.  Some new bottleless water coolers – like the ION from Natural Choice – offer the option of Sparkling Water.

3 Ways Water Does Your Body Good

It’s a mantra we hear repeated almost daily - you need to be drinking eight full glasses of water every day.  While the exact amount of water an individual needs depends on factors such as physical conditioning and personal health, one thing is for certain - hydration is directly related to your health.

More Ways Water Does Your Body Good

In a recent blog post, 3 Ways Water Does Your Body Good, we listed 3 major health benefits of drinking eight tall glasses of water daily.  But rounding out that list are many lesser-known benefits to staying hydrated.  Here goes!

Global Water Trends of 2012 and Beyond

In mid-March of this year, over 35,000 people gathered from around the world to attend the 6th Annual World Water Forum (WWF6) in Marseilles, France.  The theme of the forum, “Time for Solutions,” gives us insight into the future of the discussion of water as a global resource, revealing the urgency that many international organizations, such as USAID, now feel regarding the near state of emergency that the third world will soon be experiencing.

5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water

As we explored in a recent post titled “4 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Water,”” many people find it difficult to meet the recommended daily dose of eight tall glasses of water.  While taste (or the lack thereof) is the issue for some people, others find that they simply “get full” or feel like they can’t possibly drink any more water.  Luckily, we know a few tips that will help you stay hydrated without that bloated feeling

2 Water Blogs You Need to Read

If you Google “water blogs”, you get thousands and thousands of results.  As everyone knows, some of these links are qualified, while others are not.  So today, we’ll save you the time of doing another Google search and point you to two of our favorite water blogs.

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