10 Signs of Dehydration

In the hot summer months especially, proper hydration is extremely important.  Heat stroke is one sign of extreme dehydration, but there are other signs that you could be dehydrated.

Student Faucet Design Conserves Water

Water waste continues to be a growing issue worldwide.  There are many locations in the United States alone that are experiencing extreme draught with no relief in sight.  

Bottled Water an Income Waster?

If you go to the convenience store and buy a bottle of water every day for $1.99, you are spending $726.35 yearly! In the United States, bottled water is quickly becoming the drink of choice.  On average, consumers are spending about $100 a person per year for bottled water.  

Never Change Your Bottled Water Cooler Again

Some offices have employees that leave “nice” notes such as this for their coworkers.  In our opinion, in the time it took this note writer to create this sign, they could have changed the bottle themselves.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Goes Bottleless

Two time Daytona 500 Champ stops in to get a drink of water and tweet.

Carbonated water without the diabetes risk

Popping the tab of a soda can and hearing the fizz of carbonation evokes memories of quenching thirst on hot summer days. The taste of bubbles can bring a euphoric feeling. But what if just one of these fizzy drinks on a summer day had harmful long term effects? A new study by the Imperial College of London combed over 15 years of data to see if drinking just one soda a day could increase diabetes risk.

Go Bottleless and Avoid the Scam

Advertisements for bottled water have led us to believe that the water from the sink is deadly poisonous and tastes like feet. Maybe that is an exaggeration but based on the advertisements, we are told that bottled water is cleaner than tap and therefore healthier. The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) did a four year test and found that not only were some bottles not cleaner than normal tap but also contained harmful substances. The bottle itself may even be harmful.

Ban bottled water in National Parks

An environmentalist group has been successful in banning bottled water in 14 National Parks. Their next stop is San Francisco where they will be campaigning to end the sale of bottled water in Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate Recreation Area.

Plastic Bottles Into Jeans?

Landfills are piled with plastic bottles that aren’t easily biodegradable. In 2011, only 39% of plastic bottles in the U.S. were recycled, according to the International Bottled Water Association. Recycling is often turned into reusable products such as containers and plastic lumber. Trash into clothing, however, is a new concept.

America Loves Water

Americans are becoming more health conscious. The most popular drink for more than two decades was soda. Rising obesity rates have made more people cut soda out of their diet. Surprisingly, good old fashioned water has risen to the top spot of the most popular drink in America.