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Recounting the Flint, MI Water Crisis: Four Years Later

On April 25, 2014, a little more than four years ago, Flint, Michigan switched its water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. While it was just a plan to reduce the city’s costs, it sparked the domino effect that would begin three months later and continue to impact residents even today.  

The Strong Debate Over Water Fluoridation

The addition of fluoride to public water supplies, also known as water fluoridation, is something that has been widely debated since it has begun. Added to the water in order to aide in the prevention of tooth decay, fluoride protects teeth from demineralization that is caused by natural acids produced by the mouth. However, the debate arises when several negative effects are taken into consideration.  

Nestle Aims to Triple Water Pumping in Michigan While Flint Residents Pay More for Water

Nestle, ranked as the largest producer of water bottles in the world, wants to pump more water in Michigan.  They extract billions worth of water from the Michigan water supply and they only pay Michigan $200 yearly.  Flint residents, on the other hand, paid for water tainted with lead.  The State of Michigan helped reduce their water bills by 65%, but according to the Detroit Free Press, this program ended in February. 

Benefits and Uses of Filtered Water

There is some uncertainty when it comes to consuming filtered water.  You may ask, why do I need or want filtered water?  Isn’t my tap fine?  Or the bottled water I am drinking?  If you are unsure, here are some benefits and uses of filtered water to help you decide if you need a filtration system.

What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Just because your water looks clean, doesn’t mean it’s actually safe to drink.  As the ever famous movie Erin Brockovich clearly depicts, there could be harmful chemicals lurking in your local water supply, and you would never know.  This movie is based on the true story of a local water supply contaminated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California.  Just one of the many People vs. Large Corporation cases that will continue to rise.

Creating Clean Drinking Water out of “Thick” Air

If only California had more humidity, maybe there could be a solution to the water drought through adopting an idea already implemented in Lima, Peru for over two years.

“Drinkable Book™” Aims to Clean Water in Developing Countries

     In the United States, we take for granted access to safe drinking water.  Over 668 million people throughout the world are drinking water riddled with bacteria and disease.  Dr. Teri Dankovich of Carnegie Mellon University came up with a solution for this with surprising results.  She developed a solution to clean dirty water she calls a “Drinkable Book™” with “pAge filters™”.  

“Artisanal” Water Movement

Last week a Whole Foods store had an embarrassing debacle:  they were charging $5.99 for “asparagus water”, which was supposed to be infused with asparagus but instead was a bottle of water containing three stalks of asparagus.  When this was called out on social media, the store removed it from their shelves.  Some commenters remarked that surely someone had already bought this and also if it was supposed to be infused with asparagus.  If that was the case, it was supposed to be water that had asparagus soaking in it and was removed, which commenters pointed out was even more ridiculous.

Celebrate Water Quality Month this August

Are you aware that August is Water Quality Month?  August is the time of year when many people are enjoying recreational activities involving water.  But these bodies of water are threatened by increasing water pollution.  The Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 but most people are unaware of the little ways they can pollute their water.