Is Chennai's Water Shortage A Glimpse Into Our Future?

As our planet continues to increase its temperature, a lack of water will become a very real, and imminent, concern. This past week, Chennai, India has come to face this issue as the city has run out of its water supply.

Recent Shifts in Global Freshwater Highlight Climate Change Consequences

A recent study led by a NASA research team, published by the University of Maryland, reported that the freshwater distribution on Earth is getting progressively more divided. Water levels are rising in wet areas and droughts are increasing in dry areas.

Recounting the Flint, MI Water Crisis: Four Years Later

On April 25, 2014, a little more than four years ago, Flint, Michigan switched its water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. While it was just a plan to reduce the city’s costs, it sparked the domino effect that would begin three months later and continue to impact residents even today.  

Nestle Aims to Triple Water Pumping in Michigan While Flint Residents Pay More for Water

Nestle, ranked as the largest producer of water bottles in the world, wants to pump more water in Michigan.  They extract billions worth of water from the Michigan water supply and they only pay Michigan $200 yearly.  Flint residents, on the other hand, paid for water tainted with lead.  The State of Michigan helped reduce their water bills by 65%, but according to the Detroit Free Press, this program ended in February. 

Stella Artois and Help Provide Clean Water in Developing Countries

     Over half a billion people in the world do not have access to clean water. is a non-profit working to help with water sanitization issues in developing countries.  They have partnered with beer manufacturer Stella Artois to provide access to clean water in these countries with their “Buy A Lady A Drink” Campaign.  

Creating Clean Drinking Water out of “Thick” Air

If only California had more humidity, maybe there could be a solution to the water drought through adopting an idea already implemented in Lima, Peru for over two years.

“Drinkable Book™” Aims to Clean Water in Developing Countries

     In the United States, we take for granted access to safe drinking water.  Over 668 million people throughout the world are drinking water riddled with bacteria and disease.  Dr. Teri Dankovich of Carnegie Mellon University came up with a solution for this with surprising results.  She developed a solution to clean dirty water she calls a “Drinkable Book™” with “pAge filters™”.  

“Artisanal” Water Movement

Last week a Whole Foods store had an embarrassing debacle:  they were charging $5.99 for “asparagus water”, which was supposed to be infused with asparagus but instead was a bottle of water containing three stalks of asparagus.  When this was called out on social media, the store removed it from their shelves.  Some commenters remarked that surely someone had already bought this and also if it was supposed to be infused with asparagus.  If that was the case, it was supposed to be water that had asparagus soaking in it and was removed, which commenters pointed out was even more ridiculous.

Canning Drinking Water for Disaster Relief

At times of crisis some companies are getting creative with their resources on hand.  Recently, instead of canning their traditional brew, Anheuser-Busch used their Cartersville, Georgia brewery recently to can drinking water.  For the past 25 years, they switch one of their packaging lines over two to three times a year to can water for American Red Cross disaster relief. 

Student Faucet Design Conserves Water

Water waste continues to be a growing issue worldwide.  There are many locations in the United States alone that are experiencing extreme draught with no relief in sight.