Benefits and Uses of Filtered Water

There is some uncertainty when it comes to consuming filtered water.  You may ask, why do I need or want filtered water?  Isn’t my tap fine?  Or the bottled water I am drinking?  If you are unsure, here are some benefits and uses of filtered water to help you decide if you need a filtration system.

10 Signs of Dehydration

In the hot summer months especially, proper hydration is extremely important.  Heat stroke is one sign of extreme dehydration, but there are other signs that you could be dehydrated.

Bottled Water an Income Waster?

If you go to the convenience store and buy a bottle of water every day for $1.99, you are spending $726.35 yearly! In the United States, bottled water is quickly becoming the drink of choice.  On average, consumers are spending about $100 a person per year for bottled water.  

Never Change Your Bottled Water Cooler Again

Some offices have employees that leave “nice” notes such as this for their coworkers.  In our opinion, in the time it took this note writer to create this sign, they could have changed the bottle themselves.

Turn Sweat into Purified Drinking Water

Would you drink your own sweat for charity?  UNICEF asked this question at a recent soccer tournament in Sweden. The aim is to create awareness for the issue of clean drinking water, a worldwide problem.  And what better way to get attention than to turn a salty substance into clean drinking water?

“You are what you drink”

Drink Up!  A new healthy initiative created by First Lady Michelle Obama and Actress Eva Longoria is asking to Americans to do just that.  “You are what you drink”, one of the slogans of the initiative reminds that what we drink can have an impact on our health.  Drinking water can have a positive effect on our overall health.

Carbonated water without the diabetes risk

Popping the tab of a soda can and hearing the fizz of carbonation evokes memories of quenching thirst on hot summer days. The taste of bubbles can bring a euphoric feeling. But what if just one of these fizzy drinks on a summer day had harmful long term effects? A new study by the Imperial College of London combed over 15 years of data to see if drinking just one soda a day could increase diabetes risk.

Putting Bottled Water to the Test

Water quality is becoming a big issue.  Our way of handling this is to drink bottled water instead of tap.  A Missouri water collector wanted to know if bottled water is really cleaner than tap.  His results may surprise you.

John O’Connor has been collecting water for decades and has the highest level equipment.  He runs a water quality firm, H20’C Engineering, from his house in Columbia, Missouri.  He has been testing bottled water since 1980 and has collected almost 300 samples over the years.

Top 3 Reasons To Go Bottleless

Bottled Water Coolers, with heavy 40 pound bottles, are an inefficient and outdated method of delivering clean drinking water to homes and offices.

If you’re using a Bottled Water Cooler with those heavy 40 pound bottles of water, here are 3 good reasons to kick the Bottled Water habit and switch to a more modern alternative - a Bottleless Water Cooler that is plumbed directly into your water supply, creating an endless supply of filtered drinking water.

Are We Taking Our Drinking Water for Granted?

With all the commotion going on in the east coast after Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, one item that continues to be discussed: drinking water.  The mayor of New York confidently tweeted that the water was safe to drink. 

The media never took attention to the drinking water situation though, and probably should have.  While contamination wasn’t an issue this time, several factors could lead to a devastating problem at any moment.