Conserve Water- Follow These Easy Guidelines

We all know that we need to conserve water and not to be wasteful, especially with this valuable resource.  Water can get expensive and it is easily something we can save money on.

One of the first avenues to start with would be to look at the water bill and see how much money you are spending every month.  That will give you a starting point and to hopefully start seeing savings after a few tweaks to your daily habits.

Energy drinks linked to death!

The FDA is reporting looking into 13 deaths that have occurred over the last 4 years that have been linked to caffeine.  In these instances, the five hour energy drink may have been involved.

Monster is also being linked to about 5 deaths and the FDA is researching these as well.

Bottled Water Finally Being Put to Good Use

Have you heard of the newest technology in regards to grenades and explosives?

Picture a jug of water being blasted through a brick wall.  No matter how crazy this may sound, the British company, BCB International is doing just that.

Alleviate Pregnancy Pains by Drinking Water

There are many challenges a mother faces when pregnant, especially being comfortable.  Most articles, researchers, and books state not to take medications if you can help it, due to the unknown effects on the child.

Promoting Water Consumption in Schools

Schools in California are mandated by the federal government to provide students with access to free drinking water with their meals.  These must be in effect by the start of the 2011-2012 academic year.

Water is not only a great alternative to sugary drinks but also a great start to prevent obesity because it has zero calories.

Hurricane Sandy Affecting Drinking Water

Connecticut is encountering issues with their drinking water due to Hurricane Sandy.  The engulfing water forced the water treatment facility to close down.  The residents were informed not to flush their toilets during the super storm.

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