Top 3 Reasons To Go Bottleless

Bottled Water Coolers, with heavy 40 pound bottles, are an inefficient and outdated method of delivering clean drinking water to homes and offices.

If you’re using a Bottled Water Cooler with those heavy 40 pound bottles of water, here are 3 good reasons to kick the Bottled Water habit and switch to a more modern alternative - a Bottleless Water Cooler that is plumbed directly into your water supply, creating an endless supply of filtered drinking water.

The Price of Bottleless Water Coolers

There are hundreds of types/brands of bottleless water coolers on the market.  Most can be purchased online like many other items nowadays.  Do you really know what you’re getting is the question.

Just like with anything online, you can find cheap products, and then you can find expensive products.  While buying a cheap product may say you money in the short term, down the road you will run into trouble.  This holds true in the bottleless water cooler market.

5 Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

2013 has begun!  Many take the first of the year to make changes in their life.  Some set dramatic goals, while others stick to small attainable goals.  Whatever your goal may be for the New Year, make sure to do it safely.

Find out which New Years resolutions are most popular and some of the best ways to implement these resolutions into your daily life.

Fracking and Its Many Issues

A new movie recently released called The Promised Land hits on the topic of fracking, not well known to the general population.  While the movie doesn’t take a stance of either being pro or anti fracking, it does raise awareness and has many people talking.

Fracking has become a hotly debated topic in areas around the world where there is a potential for oil to be drilled.  Many residents fear for their land and environment if they allow fracking to occur in their area.

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