Go Bottleless and Avoid the Scam

Advertisements for bottled water have led us to believe that the water from the sink is deadly poisonous and tastes like feet. Maybe that is an exaggeration but based on the advertisements, we are told that bottled water is cleaner than tap and therefore healthier. The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) did a four year test and found that not only were some bottles not cleaner than normal tap but also contained harmful substances. The bottle itself may even be harmful.

Earth Day theme calls for outdoor water conservation

In the United States, we are lucky to be able to have an excess of water.  The theme this Earth Day is outdoor water conservation.  More than 50 percent of residential water use is for landscaping.  Some states, like California are calling for water conservation in this area.

Putting Bottled Water to the Test

Water quality is becoming a big issue.  Our way of handling this is to drink bottled water instead of tap.  A Missouri water collector wanted to know if bottled water is really cleaner than tap.  His results may surprise you.

John O’Connor has been collecting water for decades and has the highest level equipment.  He runs a water quality firm, H20’C Engineering, from his house in Columbia, Missouri.  He has been testing bottled water since 1980 and has collected almost 300 samples over the years.

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