Turn Sweat into Purified Drinking Water

Would you drink your own sweat for charity?  UNICEF asked this question at a recent soccer tournament in Sweden. The aim is to create awareness for the issue of clean drinking water, a worldwide problem.  And what better way to get attention than to turn a salty substance into clean drinking water?

“You are what you drink”

Drink Up!  A new healthy initiative created by First Lady Michelle Obama and Actress Eva Longoria is asking to Americans to do just that.  “You are what you drink”, one of the slogans of the initiative reminds that what we drink can have an impact on our health.  Drinking water can have a positive effect on our overall health.

Hot Ginger Ale Anyone?

When snow hits the ground, nothing sounds better sitting by the fire with a piping hot cup of cocoa and a book.  Now, for the first time ever, you could replace that cocoa with a warm glass of Ginger ale.  The Ginger ale will remain carbonated even after it is heated up.  However, it will only be available in Japan.

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