Chlorine Contamination Causes Coca-Cola Bottling Plant to Shut Down

Inspectors working at a bottling plant in North China were forced to stop production after finding a lot of Chlorine in the product.

3 Reasons to Get a Bottleless Water Cooler

Getting a Bottleless Filtered Water Cooler will save you money, help the environment, and improve your health.  Bottled Water is an inefficient, wasteful, and outdated business model.  Learn in detail about the 3 good reasons you need to replace that old-fashioned water cooler with a sustainable, energy efficient Bottleless Water Cooler.

A Breakthrough Development to Produce Drinking Water

We have all seen the wind turbines that produce electricity, which is placed on a grid and used throughout the world.  But have you ever heard of the wind turbines that provide drinking water in humid climates?

Should we completely ban the bottle?

Most of you might be thinking that I will say yes, however banning bottled water is not the correct approach.

Bottleless Water Coolers vs. Bottled Water Coolers

According to the British Water Cooler Association - - both Bottled and Bottleless Water cooler volumes are holding steady despite difficult market conditions.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in bottleless water cooler sales volume.

Fact Sheet: Bottled Water’s Impact to the Environment and Your Health

Looking at bottled water from an environmental and personal health standpoint, and from the corporate level.

A Lack Of Water Shuts Down Production For A Major Car Manufacturing Facility.

A team of workers at the Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood car plant walked out over a water cooler being empty.

Bottled Water Waste Is Now a Global Problem

The growing economic impact of bottled water is becoming apparent every day.  Using refillable water bottles with water from a Water FIltraiton system or Bottleless Water Cooler is a step in the right direction to ridding our planet of bottles.  

Water Conservation Tips

As you may or may not know, April is water conservation awareness month.  As experts in the water industry, we know that individual users’ awareness of conserving water can greatly reduce the number of gallons of water that are wasted in the United States each and every day.

The Quality of WI’s Groundwater

If you live in rural Wisconsin, chances are good that the water you drink every day comes from a well.  In fact, according to the WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there are over 850,000 private wells providing drinking water to people across the state.  However, having a private well means that the responsibility of taking care of the water resource falls to the private homeowners.  As such, it is absolutely crucial that homeowners with private wells take an active interest in protecting the quality of their well water.