Bottled Water an Income Waster?

If you go to the convenience store and buy a bottle of water every day for $1.99, you are spending $726.35 yearly! In the United States, bottled water is quickly becoming the drink of choice.  On average, consumers are spending about $100 a person per year for bottled water.  

Protecting our Drinking Water

Protecting our natural resources is a hotly debated subject amongst congress members.  Recently, the EPA proposed a new rule that would give the federal government regulatory authority over millions of acres of wetlands and about 2 million streams.  

Bottled Water Consumption on the Rise-Environmental Concerns

With bottled water consumption on the rise, many environmental specialists are concerned about the amount of trash that will continue to pile up.  There are growing concerns whether companies actually recycle the bottles, or are most going into the trash?  Consumers need to be more aware of the great alternative ways to drink more water without harming the planet. 

Clean Drinking Water When Traveling

As many people embark on vacations to foreign countries, there is always a concern on what the drinking water quality will be like at that destination.  While many destinations are fabulous for travel, the infrastructure is not available to provide for safe drinking water.  

Never Change Your Bottled Water Cooler Again

Some offices have employees that leave “nice” notes such as this for their coworkers.  In our opinion, in the time it took this note writer to create this sign, they could have changed the bottle themselves.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Goes Bottleless

Two time Daytona 500 Champ stops in to get a drink of water and tweet.

Maintaining Our Drinking Water

It has been said that the U.S. has some of the safest water supplies in the world.  When a catastrophic event happens to a water supply it really makes someone think about where their water actually comes from.

Recently in Charleston, West Virginia, a local water supply was effect by a chemical spill from a plant that leaked 10,000 gallons into the Elk River.

The Great Fluoride Debate

The presence of fluoride in drinking water is a hotly debated topic in communities throughout the U.S. More than two-thirds of the country has fluoride added to their water. Fluoride is either seen as a beneficial addition to water to prevent tooth decay or a toxin causing health issues.

Turn Sweat into Purified Drinking Water

Would you drink your own sweat for charity?  UNICEF asked this question at a recent soccer tournament in Sweden. The aim is to create awareness for the issue of clean drinking water, a worldwide problem.  And what better way to get attention than to turn a salty substance into clean drinking water?

“You are what you drink”

Drink Up!  A new healthy initiative created by First Lady Michelle Obama and Actress Eva Longoria is asking to Americans to do just that.  “You are what you drink”, one of the slogans of the initiative reminds that what we drink can have an impact on our health.  Drinking water can have a positive effect on our overall health.