Water Quality Education

Getting kids interested in science might be a struggle.  This wasn’t the case in Twin Falls, ID where close to 50 children learned about our most precious resource…..water!

This program stemmed from the World Water Monitoring Challenge, an educational outreach program that builds water awareness in their local community.

Take the Challenge and Go Bottleless

More communities across the United States are becoming increasingly aware that bottled water is an ever increasing issue.  National Geographic estimates that 17 million gallons of crude oil are used annually to produce plastic bottles.  

The economic effect is also taking its toll on communities.  For example, if you were to buy one bottle of water every day for a year you would spend about $365.  If you were to invest in a reusable bottle and fill it with filtered water, you would save about $345 a year.

5 Tips to Finding a Water Cooler

The market is overwhelmed with bottleless water coolers.  There are a variety of colors, shapes, and prices to choose from.   With such a wide variety to pick from, how does someone even begin to know what makes one bottleless water cooler different from the other?

Water, the Healthy Alternative To Sports Drinks

Flashy advertising full of famous athletes targeting young children are what most sports drinking companies are going for.  Certain sports drink companies are starting to invest their marketing money by donating large amounts of money to schools/community programs.  Kids are exposed early and often to the major sports drink brands.

A Restaurant that Only Serves Bottle-Free Water?

It’s a fact.  There’s a place in New York City that serves filtered tap water only, called Molecule.   OK, it’s New York City - and maybe this would also work in Los Angeles - but just maybe this concept could be coming to your town.  One thing is for sure … they don’t serve bottled water.

Drinking Water is Cool

Recently, the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum launched their “Soda Free” campaign.  This campaign was implemented due to the statistic that one in three low-income children in Santa Clara are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes.

Creative Ways to Drink More Water

Drink more water.  Drink more water! Drink more water?

Every day we hear that we are not consuming enough water, but how do we manage to drink enough water and continue with our normal daily lives?

Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water.

While bottled water may be convenient for some situations, the consistent use of bottled water can be harmful to the environment, and your health.

Staying Hydrated With Bottleless Water Coolers

We are officially in the summer season, which means beaches, heat waves, and sun!  It also means drinking more water to stay hydrated.

More Bad News for Bottled Water

It turns out that plastic waste from bottled water is not the only harmful effect on the environment. Recent research published in the Geophysical Research Letters points to shrinking aquifers as an added ecological threat.  If ever there was a need for bottleless water coolers as an ecologically sustainable alternative.  Learn how you can make a difference by kicking the bottled water habit and going bottle-free with a filtered water cooler for home or office,