Water Quality

It’s all about clean water. ION’s bottleless design transforms ordinary tap water with CarbonPlus filtration, to reduce chlorine, taste, odor, lead, cysts, and more.

Because water quality varies depending on where you live, Natural Choice offers other filters that allow you to customize the level of treatment required.

Freshly Filtered

With ION, your drinking water is always bottle-free and equally important – it’s freshly filtered. Many bottleless water coolers have reservoirs or storage tanks that hold water for weeks or even months.

ION’s unique design ensures every glass dispensed is freshly filtered—no more stagnant water from a hidden reservoir tank.

Offering 10x the cooling capacity of a standard office water cooler
80 glass_29x44.png
Dispenses up to 80 glasses in 40 minutes
Perfect temperature

Instantly Chilled

ION’s powerful cooling system employs a proprietary Sealed Water Pathway, where air never contacts the water supply. Another benefit of this system is that unlike other water coolers, ION has no reservoir to clean or sanitize.

Hygienic Design

Most bottleless water coolers don’t come close to the ION, especially when it comes to hygienic design.

The recessed faucet ensures that hands never come in contact with the dispensing area.

The 9" dispensing height easily fills cups, carafes, pitchers, and water bottles.

ION’s faucet and drip tray are easily removable and dishwasher safe. This helps keep maintenance at a minimum and your ION operating like new.