At the touch of a button

It couldn’t be simpler. Enjoy an endless supply of ice cold or piping hot water instantly—whenever you want. Add some bubbles and again—instantly—enjoy ice cold sparkling water on demand.  


Indulge your healthy lifestyle with the perfect alternative to soft drinks; ice cold sparkling water all the time. The ION’s sparkling water feature ensures the freshest taste possible.

As workplaces push for healthier employees, the need for alternatives to soft drinks has never been greater. Smart companies are switching to ION’s cost-effective Sparkling Water Cooler. Just one 10lb. CO2 tank can provide up to 3,000 glasses of carbonated water. It’s just that simple.  

Just add a splash of juice or a twist of lemon or lime and get ready to enjoy the best sparking water around.  

Use Sparkling with an internal 60L CO2 Tank to carbonate up to 250 glasses before needing a refill.  For buildings with higher usage, use an external CO2 Tank and CO2 Regulator.

Keep Bottles out of the Landfill

What could be simpler than replacing 12,000-16oz. bottles with a single CarbonPlus filter?

Always bottle-free and freshly filtered, ION Water Cooler is a simple way to get rid of the bottles. 

No more bottles to recycle or throw in the landfill…only 20% of water bottles ever get recycled anyway.  

No storing, lifting, or replacing bottles. Eliminating the bottles also frees up deliveries at the dock and tying up elevators, not to mention freeing up the accounting and security issues that go along with bottled water.

Designed with the environment in mind, the ION is great for you…and the planet.

Installation and Maintenance

Plug-in-Play software allows ION to be installed in just a few simple steps. Designed with the customer in mind, the ION fits on most counter tops and is easy to maintain compared to other point of use water coolers. Filter changes in just seconds with ION’s patented design.