Energy Saving SleepMode™

Why run an appliance when the building is empty?                       ION's SleepMode ™ feature reduces energy consumption by enabling on the touch screen.  Once enabled, the ION goes into an energy savings mode during the times selected, saving customers money each month versus less efficient bottled water coolers.

From replacing bottled water to conserving energy with product features such as SleepMode™, Natural Choice’s green initiatives have always enhanced our products, without sacrificing quality. Smart products…smart designs…smart decision!




Max energy savings compared to other water coolers


Hours in use per week versus 168 hrs/week

Pure Filter Alert Monitor

ION's touch screen technology notifies the user on screen when a filter change is required.  

The CarbonPlus filter should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on local water supply. Smart software features allow you to program your water cooler to alert you it’s time for a filter change after 6 months or 12 months, whichever you prefer. With just a few simple and easy steps, the Pure Filter Alert Monitor allows you the confidence of knowing that your Natural Choice ION is always dispensing the freshest water possible.

Built in the USA

The ION is built in Chicago, Illinois with materials tested and approved by the WQA to NSF Standards to ensure the highest quality drinking water.  

With all other drinking water coolers manufactured offshore, the ION stands above the rest with its sleek design and outstanding durability. You’ll appreciate knowing where your bottleless water cooler was made and you’re receiving world-class customer support.  

Do you know where your office water cooler came from?

Superior Capacity

ION is designed to dispense a 7 oz. glass of ice cold water every 30 seconds for an hour, making sure the water is always 42°F or colder…hot water can dispense up to 2 gallons per hour at a constant 180°F. No other bottleless coolers can compare.